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How to play Anagram Soup:

Click a word below. Then type all the words of four letters or more which you can make from it in the doodlebox on the page that appears.

Cabbage Cabinet Cactus Caddie Caesar Calfskin Camelot Camera
Camper Campfire Campsite Canada Canadian Canaries Cancan Cancer
Canine Canned Cannibal Cannon Capital Capsize Captain Captive
Careful Careless Carmen Carnival Carpet Carrot Carton Casino
Castle Castles Catching Catchy Catnap Cattle Catwalk Caustic
Caution Cautious Cavalry Cavein Cavern Caviar Ceases Ceiling
Cellar Cement Cemetery Central Century Cereal Chainsaw Chalet
Chalky Chance Change Chapter Charge Chariot Charity Charming
Charred Chatter Cheeky Cheerful Cheese Cheesy Chianti Chicken
Chilly Chimney Chinwag Chitchat Choice Choose Chosen Christen
Chubby Chuckle Chummy Church Cinder Cinema Circular Circus
Cistern Civilwar Clammy Clanger Clatter Closes Closeup Closing
Cobweb Cobwebs Cocktail Coldly Collapse Collar Collide Colonel
Colour Columbus Combat Comedian Command Comment Commerce Common
Company Compass Compel Complain Complete Complex Compost Compress
Comrade Concave Concrete Confess Conflict Conjurer Connect Conquer
Consent Conspire Constant Consult Consume Consumed Contempt Content
Contest Continue Contract Control Convent Convex Convict Cookery
Coolie Copies Copper Copycat Cordon Corner Cornish Corpse
Correct Corridor Corrupt Cosmic Costly Cottage Countess Country
Couple Courage Cracked Cracker Cradle Crafty Cramped Crashed
Crater Creamy Crease Creases Creepy Crewman Cricket Criminal
Cripple Crispen Crockery Crooked Crowded Crucifix Crunchy Crusts
Cuddle Cuddly Culprit Curable Curious Currant Currency Curtain
Curved Cushion Custom Customer Cutlery Cycling Cypress Cypriot

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