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How to play Anagram Soup:

Click a word below. Then type all the words of four letters or more which you can make from it in the doodlebox on the page that appears.

Baboon Babytalk Bachelor Backache Backbone Backing Backpack Backroad
Backyard Bacteria Baddie Baffle Baggage Baghdad Bahamas Bakery
Balcony Balinese Ballad Ballads Ballet Ballets Balloon Ballroom
Baloney Bandit Bandits Bandsman Bangkok Banister Banker Bankrupt
Banner Banquet Baptism Baptize Barbed Bareback Bargain Barley
Barmaid Barman Barnacle Barnyard Barrel Barren Barrier Barrow
Basket Bassdrum Bathroom Batsman Battery Battle Bayonet Beaches
Beanbag Beanball Beanpole Bearhug Beastly Beaten Beatles Because
Bedbug Bedding Bedroom Bedtime Beehive Before Beggar Beginner
Behave Behavior Behind Beijing Belgian Believe Bellboy Bellhop
Bellow Beloved Beneath Benefit Bequest Berlin Beside Betray
Better Between Beware Biblical Bicycle Bigwig Bikini Billfold
Birdbath Birthday Biscuit Bitter Blanket Blastoff Blasts Bleach
Blizzard Blockage Blowout Blubber Blunder Blurred Boarder Boiler
Bonfire Bonnet Bookcase Bookie Bootee Bootleg Boring Boston
Bother Bottle Bottles Boulder Bounce Boutique Boxing Boyhood
Bracelet Bracken Bracket Brainy Bramble Branch Brandy Bravery
Breeze Breezy Brewery Bridge Bridle Bristle Broadway Brooch
Brunch Brunette Brutal Bubble Bullet Bundle Bungle Burden
Burglar Burial Butcher Butler Butter Button Bypass Byroad

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