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How to play Anagram Soup:

Click a word below. Then type all the words of four letters or more which you can make from it in the doodlebox on the page that appears.

Tackle Tactful Tactless Tadpole Tahitian Tailgate Tailors Tailpipe
Tailwind Tajmahal Takein Talented Talisman Talkie Talking Tallinn
Tallish Tamper Tankard Tanker Tankers Tannery Tantrum Tapers
Tapestry Tartan Tarzan Tasmania Tassel Tasted Tatter Taught
Tavern Taverns Tawdry Taxable Taxation Taxicab Taximan Taxpayer
Teacaddy Teacher Teachers Teaching Teammate Tearful Tearoom Teashop
Teaspoon Teatowel Teenager Teensy Teethe Teheran Telegram Televise
Teller Telstar Tempers Tempest Temple Tempter Tenancy Tenant
Tenants Tended Tendency Tender Tendon Tenement Tenner Tenpin
Tension Tenspot Tentacle Tequila Terminus Termite Terrible Terribly
Terrier Terrify Terror Tested Testify Tetanus Tethered Textile
Thames Thankful Thatch Theater Theirs Thermos Thicken Thievery
Thirst Thirsty Thistle Thorny Thought Thousand Threaten Threeply
Thrift Throne Throttle Thrush Thrust Thumbsup Thursday Tibetan
Tiddler Tiddly Tighten Tigress Timber Tinker Tinted Tipoff
Titles Toandfro Toboggan Toddler Toddlers Toffee Toilet Tolerate
Tomcat Tomorrow Tomthumb Tomtom Tonight Topless Topmost Topper
Tornado Torpedo Torrents Tortoise Totally Touching Touchy Toughen
Toughie Tourism Tourist Toward Townie Townsman Tractor Trader
Trailer Trainee Trample Tramps Trapper Trashy Traveler Travels
Treaty Treble Treetop Trellis Tremble Trembled Trench Trendy
Trialrun Triangle Tribal Tricked Trickle Trifle Trigger Trilby
Trimaran Trinket Triple Tripod Tripods Triumph Trojan Trombone
Trooper Troops Trophy Tropical Trousers Trowel Trucker Trumpet
Tubing Tubular Tuesday Tugboat Tumbler Tuneful Tuning Tunnel
Turban Turkish Turned Turnip Turnkey Turnpike Tusker Twaddle
Tweezers Twilit Twinge Twinned Twitch Twitchy Twobit Twoedged

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