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What's in the file?

Self-installing zipped file


Animals and quotations


Assorted pictures and quotations


Christmas images


Halloween collection


Winter and other images

Slightly Wintry1.exe

These files are free for you to use and distribute as you wish, provided you do not modify or reverse engineer them in any way.

To download and install in Windows 95+:

  1. Click the file in the table and follow the on-screen instructions until downloading has finished. Files are around 1 to 2MB.
  2. Double-click the file (e.g. in Explorer) after downloading and then click Unzip in the dialog box.  By default, the screensaver will install into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM but the dialog allows you to change this - e.g. if you have Windows XP, change the default to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.
  3. Click Start and then click Settings/Control Panel. 
  4. Double-click the Display icon.
  5. Click the Screensaver tab.
  6. Use the down arrow under Screensaver to select the file.
  7. For best results, click the Settings tab (not the Settings button) and set your display Color Palette to True Color (24 bit).
  8. The Settings button allows you to preview thumbnail versions of the screensaver pictures, turn them on and off and vary the effects used to change from one to another.
  9. Have fun!