UK Caesar No.16 print puzzle

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Block light and bring on end of production (7,4)
Sing doubtfully? (3)
I'd reform rule as it ruins part of the service (10)
Bird after judge's fish head (4)
11 Gets stitch round tee; grows most irritable (9)
13 Green field? (7)
14 Bearings, from end of active periods, are worn out (5)
15 Each crew goes back in for injection (5)
16 Music in which uncle has graduated (5)
19 Feed possum a concentrated extract of dried leaves (5)
20 Persuade one chap, sharing centres (7)
22 Try tube I'm melting down for metal (9)
23 Fruit capital cedes nothing to the East (4)
24 Teasing cleric for a more senior one (10)
26 Indian, maybe, cut Dad out (3)
27 Young models in your homes? (11)


Egg tester swallows four for remedy (8)
Can turn to vet air deal (8)
Note added to song starts a tenor involuntarily spurring everyone to curse (12)
Inaudibly announce man's heartless lady (11)
A soft drug found in the jungle? (3)
Thug takes eggs for a magpie, perhaps (6)
Idiot surrounded by Oriental disease (6)
10 Monumental energy in turbulent waters, perhaps? (5-7)
12 Ashes required? Try incendiaries (4,7)
17 Average bog engulfs two leaders (8)
18 Diamonds impervious to time (8)
20 Smoker's seen about in credit (6)
21 Painlessly purchase a vehicle, say (6)
25 State to start burning chaff (3)

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