UK Caesar No.19 print puzzle

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Rubber maybe erasing some ink diagrams (5)
Starts hiring no-one to survey no-one's herd (3,6)
Cutback many supported (5)
The extra sheet's to bury a page (9)
11 Song about post-Christian house upset possibly half clergy (3,7)
12 Aircraft eventually starts on time (4)
14 Mimi, say, ignores the rest (6)
15 Interview might trip one up (8)
17 To horse, I hear! Man in the saddle's suitably dressed (6,2)
18 New Deal no Presidential appellation (6)
20 Add note to novel again (4)
21 Corrupt EEC insider's provisional split (6,4)
23 It's reversed into jail and been released (6-3)
24 Excuse short Manchester man in first class (5)
25 Insect consumed wholly, by the sound of it (4-5)
26 Owners of these are long in the tooth, perhaps (5)


Solve Latin clue and smile at end of mental over-exertion (15)
Fly parent with extended undercarriage (5,8)
Sad sort sees red about letters' targets (10)
Top fashion house head to freshen up act (6)
Local telephone firm in during school (8)
We claim Cockney ages (4)
Those playing chess at three? (6,9)
10 Smooth French address a bright period that's before possible developments (13)
13 To redirect train, lever's beside the point (10)
16 Third power's underground sugar cane? (4,4)
19 Member of nuclear group supporting Imperial measure (6)
22 Limit advantage (4)

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