UK Caesar No.22 print puzzle

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It goes back and forth in empty accommodation for the Pope (7,4)
Park in second-class rendezvous (3)
Narrow squeaks mean spinsters (4,6)
State mean without duration (4)
11 Gentile backs time initially to sell milk products (9)
13 Decomposer, maybe, to come apart (7)
14 Lady of the house is no lady! (5)
15 Farewell song after one's end (5)
16 Snake commands a twelve-pounder (5)
19 Meadows sound like desserts (5)
20 Strange power holds it's to throw one out East (7)
22 Monster, shortening eccentric's end, contracts all round (9)
23 Good clear frame (4)
24 Countless letters unburden me (10)
26 Slippery type's the end of a low sort (3)
27 Femmes fatales resume dress alterations (11)


Struggle with new plot for sphere of action (8)
Element in African town's more metallic (8)
Team in heap, perhaps, is on the ball (6,6)
Our Italian mother meets American prophet (11)
Cap may be dry, possibly (3)
Behaviourist's second-in-command backing possible office reform internally (6)
Burn half currency for rite, perhaps (6)
10 Awkward nun stirred up a real mess, so be difficult (12)
12 Accountant's office, maybe, for sunny days in the garden (6,5)
17 Entrances bird in possible short version (8)
18 Sea holds many back after fish plays (8)
20 To advertise bells, maybe (6)
21 Cheerful little woman gets through to sailing centre (6)
25 Man going back and not appearing (3)

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