UK Caesar No.25 print puzzle

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Member of Party Whip holds Republican after show (8)
Thousands about outside, so I retreat into little shop (5)
Good God, Herb! (4)
Edge clipper out of notch and hesitate (8)
10 Comforting word, if spoken twice, of third parties (5)
11 Between lovers, man will take unusual gift on the nose (10)
14 Group service? (4)
16 Diplomatic snub shown by blank look (3-11)
18 Usually holds black powder for surface discharge, on paper (5,9)
20 Many a bird of habit (4)
21 Egyptian character's ploy absorbed in higher machination (10)
24 Up in front (5)
25 Sheltered woman's disorder (8)
26 Follow eastern city leader of old (4)
27 Spelling groups lose many bakers (5)
28 Couples number a few score, at the start (8)


President's first note to island (6)
H, or uncharted territory (6,2,7)
Delegates step out of line in talks (10)
Roots out mutilated thing (5)
Girl told to kiss me for show (4)
Working installation makes computers tick (9,6)
Woman keen about fuel (8)
12 Half hope to copy a little lady's confession (7)
13 Destroyer got near maelstrom (7)
15 Noise in key vehicles for topping up on the move (6,4)
17 Heard to store a digit separately (8)
19 Loafs about a while to ride south (6)
22 Electronic Frenchman satisfied worker (5)
23 Ends with bits and bobs (4)

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