UK Caesar No.28 print puzzle

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Digital sequence for a chat or a generous salary? (9,6)
Airborne propeller doesn't have one, and ends in stream (8)
After starting overview, state that French is difficult to understand (6)
10 Banned a short personal statement of intent to drug female (7)
11 Run down athlete loses head after depressing start (7)
13 Most awful Frenchwoman surrounded by feedstock (8)
15 Mixed bait round holy man's coat (6)
16 Six whip round with no expense spared (6)
18 Ecclesiastical leader off sick and poorly at the end (8)
21 Beware stage prop (7)
22 Measure partial ringer, by the sound of it (7)
25 Old character had morphine, for example (6)
26 Unfriendly spymaster leaves note to chip man (8)
27 Bright spark might be out to settle by losing weight, he says (6,9)


Mix tint and label lace (7)
Femme fatale's tradition is colourful in Hawaii (7)
"Quietly in error", says Spike (5)
Mark new books with code, finally (4)
Association to drink in city bar, graduate losing out (9)
Something left extremely bare for the Holy Grail, perhaps? (7)
Street organ sounds for quadruped (3,4)
12 Accumulate southern port, maybe (5)
14 Say girl will pull parasite (9)
16 Life doesn't end at Lord's departure (4-3)
17 Scale back control and accelerate (7)
19 Greet composer - one for al fresco cuisine (7)
20 Christmas tree cut on the table? (4,3)
23 Firm accommodated high-flyer (5)
24 The middle one finds a bit of quality reproduction (2-2)

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