US Caesar No.12 print puzzle

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Visit to reclaim principal
Housing assorted characters around a temporary berth
10 Obliterate section in obscure demesne
11 Reverse call here, say, for one on each side, usually
12 A quiet tear to decorate learner
13 Mother backs up before big cat
15 Terminations - happy, maybe
17 Battered tin rattled here is not (one of a pair)
19 Noose, perhaps, or knotted dangler
21 Ancient jail, say, for one who's served his time?
23 Habitual feature to terrify many
24 Slap mad ape in error and everyone gets it in the neck!
27 Strike god as product of genetic engineering?
28 Marines ordered a course
29 Ring uprooted tiny tree
30 Violently eject one in low state, by the sound of it


Dynastic appellation Macduff first experienced
Leaves plant spread on water
Soak little pest in prime drug cocktail
Raise level as Moon affair loses tidal initiative
I'm in second-class thoroughfare up above
From start to finish I'm Pendragon's unhesitating Angle
Priest holds note and a doctrine
Timely move upwind
14 Gale interferes with ship
16 Firm taste fads aren't unchanging
18 Metal oxide, like gold dust?
20 Skin protection against rustlers?
22 Crowning glory, tied up after summit
23 Conveyance repeats itself
25 Smell we're amongst thousands
26 Blood vessel of mine

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