US Caesar No.13 print puzzle

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Bomb follows to flatten ridge
Fed after I came back to lose weight
Unnatural sources of hard woods, perhaps?
10 Lever brat out of spine
11 Character's mouth or wing
13 Law surrounds unknown valley
16 Trimmers feared force inside and outside the Channel Islands, alternatively
20 Needing support, calm duke's hopping!
22 Vicious iron rice flail
25 Third class offence, at funerals, frequently
27 Awful old nipper in chopped fish
29 Obscure mad region for bird-brains?
30 Ascribed to cut in fashionable reputation
31 Start a road without branches


Complete vacation in US?
By implication, diplomacy introduces one to many an unknown
Gipsy has fun without loud Republican in pottery
Getting in, I take over from Assembly commander
Removal from the furthest extremities
Examine leading quarter
10 Facetiously holds all of them
12 Grim old flyer heading east
14 He's back for shortform theater
15 Fellow, maybe, starts off drinking doubles
17 Slide about type of jump?
18 Time, say, no-one else can claim
19 Heard school Head's in timetable
21 Explain what the euro might be in Britain?
23 Favorite characters carry gold to Frenchman on the shoulder
24 Irritating physical jerks aloft
26 One who regrets late start holding the top job
28 Run round city for a month, maybe

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