US Caesar No.14 print puzzle

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Courage about losing new arrival sounds hollow
Tighten up part of doctrine after endless procedural requirements
Pulled us into parcel
Cover acceptable with no money after five
11 Help wheel go round kind of rock
12 Sounds like relative's opposed
14 A fellow (or lady) has personal problem, looking like two-handled teacup
15 Heartless racket's unconditional, maybe
17 Agent involved with firms of common stock
18 Asian's double salt ration
20 Invert lowest point on St. David's day?
21 Boiled spirit makes a big noise?
23 Thrush, perhaps, on foot after parasite
24 Mixed intention to leave adult
25 Rock impervious; if so, nothing gets through
26 Soothes five in sell-off


To advertise private army?
Organisation agreeable to head's reluctance
Kind Head provides food
Greasy spoon, by the sound of it, for clerics
Hungry bird in legend
Ancient Scots term
Oily flower's leveling another one
10 Awful band might make this power source
13 Plans get sister a makeover
16 Directions to write the dope
19 What an automatic aeroplane would fly
22 Brew with nothing in it is bitter

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