US Caesar No.15 print puzzle

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Power follows priest as row develops
Attested to a very pained expression in front of leader
10 Charitable, maybe, or just a bad business?
11 Carer's accommodation, perhaps, to sound like something recited young
13 Stop unprofitable bargain
14 Epoch-making area re-allocated
16 Feeble woman cut up post
18 Note river's common mouth
20 Prefix dope with this for life-supporter
21 Personality assessing film measurement system
26 Work suppliers overdo transactions
27 Rearranged air tires musical prodigies, possibly
28 Middle Eastern beermaker, maybe


Sharp can blend in support
Extraordinarily standard supporter follows the upper classes
Drop objections in a position to be pleasant
Examine and start checking plant
Demilitarize body to militarize
Acknowledge heavenly deposit
Sorted cargo and tied ends round vehicle
Unreliable short time judge dropped
12 Renewal about moorings, say
13 Move and erect a royal bird
15 Ruined Fury shops around for clients
17 Stone one of three for last man?
19 Woodcutter makes deer angry, by the sound of it
22 Restrict PR exercise
23 Paper pan product?
24 No state ever starts without repetition
25 Sounds like beverage supplier pulls one up the hill

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