US Caesar No.17 print puzzle

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Choral work's prison farewell
Spymaster leaves encrypted terminal for relief
10 Day-to-day weapon's for nocturnal amusement
11 Consider a thousand less wretched
12 Judge friend is ill, perhaps?
15 Have board and lodging and cut growth for survival
20 Rubbish mover clears woods
21 Free character in attack
23 Officer opposed to horse's home
24 Lacking a lawyer, day worker is convulsed with distaste for delinquent
25 In pans, say, spot tar


Vestment star so tailored for one eternally aloft
Leaning man, overwhelmed by nervous disorder, follows me
Projected first course of wedding breakfast?
Small cash resources upset prison moderate
Deny northern representative lost his head
Link company to loveless relationship
Everyone understands everything about king
Taxed and bored endlessly by gossip
13 Brewed tea is in pot and, often, so is this
14 Drug was unknown in racing establishments
16 What storm-tossed ship might be on if a crew go to sleep
17 Agnostic's sin enmeshed with Church of England
18 Tribe said no boom was endless
19 Corn flowers - your flower beds are so
20 All about nothing about round about
22 After party, city is forbidding

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