US Caesar No.19 print puzzle

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Soft-centered sample twisted metal
Came out, ran round debtor
10 Quick head for the result of possessing one
11 Commercially aggressive go in quietly on the up-and-up
13 Iron carries electronic charge
14 Tie new beginnings to parting of the ways
16 Impenetrable scrub round Nile at whirlpool
18 Crashed vehicle's light, maybe
20 Island staff
21 New Year flower in Brazil
26 Pick body for political investigation
27 Being about in whole state
28 Delegated authority's information retained by power asking why


Back after Channel Island store
Schedule rubbish tip center on cultivated area
Knowledge requires some experience; then sit back facing East
American after old widower's flower
Open up lair after winter starts
About writer's mouthpiece ...
Ignore order, therefore, to live in amateur environment
Supine type, I heard, is not given to exactitude
12 Drive devil to university education center
13 Audible escape from bird covered in spots, perhaps
15 Common, like kangaroos?
17 A thousand old men see endless stalemate
19 No right to shout about drug in kitchen exercise
22 Indian said to earn
23 Channel conceals a coin
24 Punch overcomes Frenchman in the doorway
25 Bird flies from loose woman's board

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