US Caesar No.20 print puzzle

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Develop Latin leader after early start
Musical supports fifty-two, armed after starting with no ammunition
Follow girl after children finish
Shocking automatic shift gets one of three for nothing
11 Team sorted out parasites
12 Flatten cross
14 Whole state's about blending color
15 Exude moisture for each Church highspot
17 Maybe Gawain's loch inundating brae
18 King in useless foul-up starts fighting
20 Mixed praise for old Scots
21 Following river, diplomats heard commitment
23 Brouhaha cut top and tail off duffle-coat
24 Microbes sound full of themselves
25 Cover sailor saint at home
26 Sense little change of heart


Vibrant coverage, perhaps, in bed
Plain, with perfect eyesight?
Inspect policeman's arresting sight
Alternative theatrical procedure can hide nothing internally
Two permitted restraint
Nationalists hold Frenchman's girl
Quaint icon seen about with lord of little moment
10 Spinning coin maybe useful for a car, if small
13 Policies can sure be written by an idiot
16 Loud; loud but is uncertain when scrambled
19 Resident likes a bit of a pipe
22 House in Russia

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