US Caesar No.24 print puzzle

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Thousands in a position to mix preserve
Product of this of that and this of that and this of that is that
Vessel's container for stylist's art, I heard
10 Sounds like cannibal did this, and the rest
11 The German setback is regrettable
12 Changing Indiana town unquestioningly following dynasty into storage, perhaps
16 Make Celt a success
18 Cheers up on points
20 Scion, maybe, takes iron for milker
22 Trace element starts generating electrons
25 Chase money, saying it's fake
29 Controller cooks the roast
30 Involved god in new speed studies happening at the same time
31 Specialist shortly to replace doctors' leader - after dinner, perhaps?
32 Boiler drum?


No single alien in my half
Award a small amount and no end of orange jam
Survey of resources indicates trial
Fortification delicately restructured without altered line
Sure sounds like composer took note
Dither in race - do it again
Eggs Dad beat for magnum opus
13 Flyer loses wing - flight leader fills in the gap
14 Maybe Venus's favorite instruction - make dangerous again!
15 Relax, say, it's lighter than air
17 Self-centered amusement area?
19 Slam herbivore
21 Cap sounds warm after cool period
23 Hazy sun over wreck, perhaps?
24 State replacement for normal starter, in passing
26 Time to go round vessel
27 Free nut that's crushed
28 One short ton - go!

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