US Caesar No.26 print puzzle

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Verbally lampoon a crime on the hoof
Unstated diplomacy takes one in
Abbreviated data
Tree, like biter, south of the border
10 Where cones are - found leaders five each
11 Try vice and ale combined with imagination
14 Compound verbal reply to simple question about current location
16 Referred to earlier leaders after first tied on within
18 So an incredible bungle is not important?
20 Flag lady
21 Sly one found between specialisms inside, like one with feeling
24 Scrub around French and English articles
25 Norman, maybe, to study search
26 Rubbish agitated spirit after losing key
27 Dumb permission
28 For illustration, trim locks exits


Doubly selfish announcement to gas copiers
Budget well with value for money
Dither after big worker's undesirable additive
Relative quarter in resort
Aristocrat's sales at maximum level
Explanatory notes obscuring characters
Tips porter's storage vessel
12 Bat against current rage
13 Light red splashed over mail at junction
15 Roguish magpie shouts "Save!"
17 Flower welcome is roughly inside vehicle
19 Covered walk for female siblings, by the sound of it
22 Market joint on the quiet, say
23 Bid nothing to indicate an inside venture

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