US Caesar No.27 print puzzle

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Period silver particle loses neutron slowly
Universal lifter exchanges versatile fellow
10 Swear about runner in communal program
11 Deer I join for Indian communication
13 Meat so if affected by 20
16 Pick over seven thousand state letters
20 Red, maybe, to purge unwanted dependant
22 Vocalic exchange moves ugly practice to Chesterfield, maybe
25 Spoil lines and more will be created
27 Errors in plating on the roof
29 Nasty, messy compound lasts badly for operational assessors
30 Matey seaman holds mineral before letting last five off
31 With feet covered by extremely dry fabric


Demeter. beginning a theory, starts the end
Racers scramble to ask grave questions, to begin with
Comfortable state as chap gets five hundred without a bean
Picture at home in picture
Shaken first character off gluttony
Circle driver's area with short fellow
10 After a while, an unknown mixed confection to choose indicator
12 Navigational hazard part found in South Africa and part looked up to there
14 As quietly used for suicide
15 Muted cry of pain after central failure
17 Quick Frenchman lacks character to compete
18 Gain after changing new ending
19 Support no girl's suggestion
21 Unpredictable man detains a scoundrel
23 Reconcile exclamation - Reynard doesn't want to hear it
24 Hill-dweller holds direction in respect
26 Pit baby tail against small head
28 Recorded condition which might sadden a child?

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