US Caesar No.3 print puzzle

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Induce stand-in to take first letter
Ungainly bogus note sent to Heather
Old king, if back to front, might have been old queen!
10 Space period accommodation
11 Fair weather types in Acapulco
12 Diner consumes first character to get things going
14 Boots woman used to mobilize two-wheeler
16 Short round mythical detainer
17 Seasons spectacular at north-east border
19 Another security check, perhaps, at the fort?
21 Shadowy figure guillotined seniority
22 Bright missile obliterates site of impact
25 Mountain down under boat
26 Restless old priest hit for being so
27 Justified acknowledgement for timely spending power
28 Deity blends time and direction


The far side of the Other Side's rather remote
He broke the square, in a paddy by the sound of it
Hunting dogs lost bat at sea
Let it stand on one's head if not hairless, say
Pleasant dolly mixture on the go
Graecophile poet in charge of his works
Steamer to flatten quadruped
Misconduct strange rite so it whips up a fever
13 Structure a dynastic scion made
15 Tweak telescope to see Scottish island I love
18 Nazi takes a thousand in the chair
20 Via weightless project, stand on distaste
23 Gain small amount on grain
24 Red king in the drink!

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