US Caesar No.30 print puzzle

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Refocus on EC tax pile - it's not the rule
Producer starting theatrical procedure with a bang
Half-baked blinis seen out of it
Shake brew after last character shows enthusiasm
11 Poles under snow blankets?
13 Open confusion at lunch
14 What events do nothing about dog?
15 Salt some away round park
16 Cotton spirit gives flower to Klan leader
19 Smell one in racket
20 Water sources disorder colon, perhaps?
22 Eliminate a tide race after suffering turbulence
23 Family may be spruce, possibly
24 Monarch's function after slave's slowdown
26 Increase stock at last, within expenditure limits
27 Child in cap to head restricted state


Prequalified Frenchwoman holds big one back
Diesel vessel carries flyer's tanks
Sift scale for every color
Changing hues, I travel site holding colored head
Cut flower's nothing
Ordained before priest loses one and gets early start
Finish off, perhaps
10 Not akin to top circles in the center before creating remoteness of possibility
12 Continuing to live with Christopher's essential gear
17 Gain approval about city's fun
18 Prayers, or for prayers
20 Wrap unstable stuff after kill
21 Agree power to give away
25 Electrical unit sounds comforting

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