US Caesar No.31 print puzzle

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1. Looked up to in West Asia
4. Sweet wine befuddled eastern US
9. Base newsman posted
10. Freeman's point
11. Instigate frolic during exercise
12. Approach open city to the east
14. Tell one to a local leader without favor
16. Turn puns around - not at the end of the day!
17. Note sounds like common currency
19. Fighter Che loses power, gains stream.
21. Copy success in Derby gossip
22. Compound element for one who has passed
25. Deal with translation, then feed
26. With endless yarn, monarch takes to dressing down!
27. Time twins, indeed, lost heart
28. Barge carries half a hundred liters, for Christmas usually


1. Simple association leads worldly-wise
2. Nearly modern battle
3. Rope athlete quietly into slider
4. Live aboard, boys!
5. Five indulged in mix-up, remaining hidden
6. Crusades for newts round about
7. Prisoner returned to act at the beginning, then left during the night
8. Auto-illuminating; it's obvious
13. Band leader cracks the whip
15. Poor Quaker takes one, no more
18. God in bed with it round cheese
20. Found tobacco, lost head
23. State bird loses wing for tycoon
24. Happy string fellow

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