US Caesar No.37 print puzzle

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1. Hardening heart's so sore about one little volume
8. Ace blots out a problem
9. Maybe main or main man
10. He who gets high - for whom a six pack's second to fifth of cherry brandy
11. Outing's not to get from A to B
13. Beat me, taking over business first
15. Unproductive curse about vehicle
16. Ship carries drink, I hear, and befuddled sailor jumps
18. Something to satisfy primate about favorite pronoun
21. Sheep cries about meat islands
22. Loss preventer's popular and more confident
25. A through roadway with nothing in the middle? That's for the birds!
26. Overawe priest where we are, I hear
27. Helping others' atheism to accept one a tin god confused


1. A veterinary orderly initially takes snake no fruit
2. Many lie about on the other side
3. Cook diced leftovers with a filling
4. Staff cut?
5. Prepared? Prepared? Prepared earlier!
6. Father dances round old man
7. Operator filleted fish
12. Started to stop, for example, inside
14. Animal doctors operated a boat
16. Hit and knock about for doing nothing
17. A morning leader after an article is for disbelief
19. Middle Eastern king's taken aback after I finish with another one
20. Receiver accompanies mouth organ and nose flute, perhaps
23. Deity welcomes victorious chief in South Africa
24. Perfect detailed thought

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