US Caesar No.38 print puzzle

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1. Cutter in most important position, shaping the paper (6-2-5)
8. Resists military actions over river's course
10. Go with this middleman
12. Ear infection has a core
13. Let down nobleman over container (4,3)
14. Flower to fill out water feature
15. Application in time gets second place
16. Gender examination above the knee
18. Muscle into system man's extra service
20. Study history to follow the rules
23. Thoughtful writers I have to follow
25. Drink is a little expensive to start with
26. Goes about to endless parties, absorbing liquor at first
27. State slammer
28. I need assistance - there's nothing on board
29. No capital, and I'm about folding up
30. For a token, gold's quietly ahead of diamonds
31. Flirt teases new king about lack of playfulness (4-9)


2. Leave mad one half of zero to divide up
3. Relaxing room still has some space
4. Chews blackberry slice in point-to-points
5. For illustration, fix ace around about milepoint
6. Strengthening base in the event that one little bit lags behind
7. Teacherless school might be this pure
9. Wash away city after partial fiasco
11. Accent led it astray
17. Mention top-grade railhead
19. Plan detail that's a type of chart
21. Musical procedure takes a long time
22. Mother's second one, a day afterwards, is not lightweight
23. Landsman stored a second article within
24. Poles apart, and internal auditor closes in

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