US Caesar No.39 print puzzle

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1. Your old father leads after a lack of interest
4. A radio man prepared pasta
10. Make unnecessarily cerebral report about Aztec line in Indian capital
11. Stuff that makes a man do what a man's gotta do
13. Star drops a quarter - it's on the road
14. Tear up final inscription
16. About here, Tom abused term for instrument
18. See this? Get angry
20. Circle some of a ruined castle at first
21. Each cutting's keeping it up
26. I start smirking behind old fairy, deranged by trial and error
27. Mountain man brings beginner to heel
28. Banker gives information


1. Birdman gets through to king after awful start
2. Mischievous cat, in spite of sterile character
3. Greet small Pole after sort of Oktoberfest
5. Table change, I hear
6. Repeat profit
7. Skip vocative address to college
8. Salad component only 10 percent visible
9. Semi-shortest shakedown
12. Impose execution of ten soldiers
13. Heavy beats up rotten liar
15. State position after holy man rises and falls
17. Start with drug, as that's the way - nothing could be simpler
19. Dull start for boring escapist
22. Sign up eccentric loner
23. Dance man graduates
24. Compete over new plant
25. Fight southern standard

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