US Caesar No.4 print puzzle

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Fall into site of your lunch if infallibly placed before dog
Unrecognisable reverse in sales after fashionable gear
Sailor fellow who belongs to his craft?
10 Challenged star in the way
11 Disposition at ground level, after crime perhaps
12 Disturbing gloom in a place where you may find Alf, say
14 Shellfish mate where they are found
16 Had extra-terrestrial garbled message, this could result
17 Drinks beat Eastern time
19 Hats on at full speed
21 "Hole in the Head" mysteries found aboard train
22 The endless ridge leads to fortune
25 Invest, fry, or paint this way
26 His win met confusion on the ball
27 Some car doors or birds' supporters deceive flanks
28 Tours round king


Knights die horribly, folly infusing Arthurian poetry
Continually yanking compression lever eventually starts vehicle
Betray cavity pests inhabit
Stress unit sounds like fruit
Beds hold wind instrument and mixed pacts
Anger in mild expletive as vehicle is locked up
Din in clue I can't interpret
Ancient priest has met variegated flower
13 Shrugging off upper classes, on speaking with first character
15 Ace bird's sporting competition
18 Saint to venerate a risky place to sail
20 School order-keeper not quite incapable of improvement
23 Cow let down?
24 Indians in set-up

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