US Caesar No.40 print puzzle

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1. Label foot, perhaps
4. Follow Navy-style welcome for waste products
9. Noble group begins to look almost ancient
10. Riders competition exchanges one state for another
11. Doomed one in a fix finds ways round the most forceful
12. Overpriced stocks finally fall about fifty three points
14. Property spared demolition
17. Musical vehicle that goes nowhere
21. Middle Easterner who used to adore Cats
23. Confused about a fair south of the Med
26. Littl'un's quiet rodent
28. Control police to increase strength
30. Spellbound city takes drug for state of bliss
31. 21's one, found in 23
32. Beware company prediction
33. Bag man's drink


2. Begins early opening? It happens
3. Under-organ feature - one of a pair
5. Rock follies sometimes led to
6. Leapt about after gold, going neither up nor down
7. Risk fairy spell at the end
8. Wander about after frightening start - yellow, maybe
11. Women of common birth, one could say
13. Marine right to rescue silver cargo
15. Type of gun god questions, I hear
16. Skill at South African currency center
18. For attention of backward idiot
19. Closing remark is about footwear
20. Hal rises roughly shaven
22. Danger signal after soft stream of low-quality communication
24. Bigger jumper before frost melts
25. Flower - diamond girl takes account
27. Quiet fellow in the river
29. Credit note about a package

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