US Caesar No.6 print puzzle

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Small youth leader upset with unknown fuel consumption
Trace endless flicker
Trim so that French sect's easily upset
10 Italian all disapprove twice in initial employment
11 Prosecute deer? I hear it's a sham
12 After amending bad drug Act, I stand down
14 Going back into turbulent English river near whirlpool
16 Fix spark-maker's wing
17 I do it stupidly for a fool
19 Broadcaster's weight between two queens
21 I postpone worshipper
22 Digestive vim takes it back to many
25 Flat out aloft without force
26 Hun come in fighting a mongoose
27 Trade evidence shows disappointing turnover
28 Reef fish together


Paper's tacit slip alters parts of speech
Mesh state with end of trigger
Beginning period period
Climb time after time in the end
Native's fashionable garb on hill-dweller
More run down rubbish layer
Lead oxide stirred many, being slow-moving
This conveys food, but without barges!
13 Control currency in executive style
15 Leader cut nothing on twisted track
18 Relaunched as great weepie
20 Don't consume as much - one wouldn't if it was like this!
23 Speed breaks pot, holding me up
24 Deliver time with it

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