US Caesar No.9 print puzzle

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Measures disturbance of Roman tent in situ
Fowl near the Yellow Sea?
Kill fellow or he'll kill you, perhaps
10 Caught loud cheap discharge
11 Daily repository in face
13 Confuse ruler in a roughly easterly direction, losing man to king
15 Wild men for amusement
16 Fish collectively trap duck in turbulent lakes
18 Fluid-holding graffitist might do this as a witness!
21 A born so-and-so locked up vegetable
22 Tank is German, in research establishment
25 Acid I see, say, after dissolving mineral
26 Occam's Razor in State bid for one inside
27 Self-sufficient types who reject professional aid


Protect, say, coastal area
Condition is like a contraction
Knock beer back like a king
Radiate, if traveling faster than light?
Bad-tempered etcher heard you lose
Large quarters after a short distance east
Perplex Jacques denying advantage
12 Cloth supporter is known by
14 Strong language in favour of egocentricity, say
16 Raised to apply low pressure to illuminator
17 Greet composer one cooks outside
19 Salt top Texas leader had
20 Lightens score marks?
23 Row south to control numbers
24 Doctor or invader

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