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Then you’ll know it’s tough to make learning fun.  Tough to hold kids’ attention, and keep them interested.  And tough to make them want to know more.

Teaching English is like that.  How do you ignite in your students that fire of interest in the richness of the world’s most spoken language?  And at the same time stretch their lateral thinking and general knowledge.  With minimum work for you.

My crossword puzzles can help. I have hundreds, in six different grades, to suit all abilities.  One grade uses picture clues specifically for young kids whose English is almost non-existent.  Other grades get more difficult, and there’s a cryptic grade which will test the best.

Minutes from now, you can be printing and distributing these family-friendly puzzles for your students, without ads and other Crosswordsite ID, by clicking here, using my secure server.  And I won't abuse your information. Click here for my privacy policy.

You’ll get login details for the puzzles and solutions, so you can either download and print the puzzles, or email them to students. That way, you can keep the solutions private.  For a demo, click US English or UK English. Or you can give your school students your login details, so they can have some fun but can also see the solutions.  Or you can print the puzzles in your school magazines. Or you can have all the puzzles on your school website.  It’s up to you.

That’s me, Peter Sharp, on the right (contact details). I got into crossword compiling filling time on trains. Now I'm hooked! My crosswords are quality puzzles: fun and challenging, nothing offensive. They’re in publications from freesheets to the newsletter of HSBC, the world's third largest bank.

So click the Get Puzzles button below. Within a few minutes you’ll be able to make hundreds of first class puzzles available to your students.

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PS. Don't forget, you can put my puzzles on your school website, too. Click here for more info!