Crosswordsite treasure hunt

Crosswordsite treasure hunt

Sample clue of the type the treasure hunt story contains:

“Now he knew that Moretti was going to fake Las Meninas, Gilligan was in with a chance. Moretti never faked a painting from photographs. He always studied the original. So, if he moved fast, Gilligan reckoned he might just catch Moretti inspecting this one. He was in the air by 10 a.m.”


What is the name of the airport Gilligan flew to looking for Moretti?

Possible answers (multiple choice):

1. JFK

2. Heathrow

3. Barajas

4. Charles de Gaulle

5. Benito Juárez

How to find the answer

You know from the treasure hunt story that Las Meninas is a painting. So the original is probably in an art gallery. Google “Las Meninas”. Amongst other things, it lists a Wikipedia entry, which tells you that Las Meninas is in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain. Double-check this information with the Prado's own website. Then use e.g. Google or Wikipedia to find out the name of the airport that serves Madrid.


No. 3: Barajas.

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