Crosswordsite treasure hunt

Prize treasure hunt No. 143

You can win this family-friendly treasure hunt just by searching the internet! For the first three correct entries received by 6.00 pm EST on 19th January, 2008, the cash prizes are:

1st prize $1,000
2nd prize $500
3rd prize $250

How the treasure hunt works

A game of skill, the Crosswordsite treasure hunt is a race between competitors to solve the clues first.

As a treasure hunt competitor, you will be given a web address to download a short story containing twelve hidden clues.  For a taster of the type of clue and type of story, click sample treasure hunt clue and answer.

You can read the story containing the clues whenever you wish. But the questions and instructions for emailing the answers will only be downloadable from 6.00 pm EST on 12th January 2008, from the same web address as the story. That way, all competitors start the treasure hunt at the same time.

When you have answered the twelve questions, just email the answers to me. I will post the correct answers at a web address shown in the instructions for one week after the treasure hunt closes.

That's me, Peter Sharp, the author of the treasure hunt, on the right.  I have enjoyed treasure hunts and quizzes since boyhood.  Now I'm making them available to you.

To enter the treasure hunt

Click the button below for the story containing the clues.  You will be asked to pay the $10 entry fee.

Prizes are only payable to people who pay the fee.

Pay $10 treasure hunt entry fee Ltd., Penn Cottage, Gas Lane, Hinton St. George, Somerset, United Kingdom TA17 8RX.