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Are you looking around for free crossword puzzles - the world's best and most popular word games? You're at the right site. You'll find 100s of fascinating free crossword puzzles on this site, which is a breeze to use and full of puzzles to fit all abilities. To get straight down to business and cut this page, click crossword. To discover our principles and why our crosswords are the best you can find on the Web, read on!

Crosswordsite's principles

Crosswordsite gives you toughness-graded cross-words in both UK and US styles, using British and US English. We publish several easy cross-word grades and tough cryptics, each carrying a Romanesque logo so you know what's coming. So we think there ought to be something to interest almost anyone in this form of literary amusement. Click the following links for free American cross-words and free British puzzles in all our grades.  You will find it very easy to locate them, exactly to your taste, time after time.

We avoid offensive words, but it's not always straightforward in the Web’s global environment. What offends no-one in one culture might do so in another. We do try hard, but we don’t know all suspect words, so if someone emails us one that dodged our net, we will take it off the site.  This way, we stay family friendly.

Cross-words need judgment for fun and interest. Cryptics need a lot, and they get it at Crosswordsite. Tetrarch, our compiler, personally crafts, edits and grades all our xwords for your maximum enjoyment.  We have heard of folk who just download lists of words from somewhere on the Web, use a program to find synonyms for them and then publish the results with no further thought.  And the results can be rather odd - for example, words and clues can be duplicated.  We don't do this.

We operate firm policy guidelines. Good, consistent fun for you is our goal. The site should be fast and simple to use - no long waits for huge graphics or staff photographs to download. Navigation should not need a compass, so our site structure isn't built to confuse - perhaps unlike its contents! So for fine puzzling, stay with us!

We don't charge fees for access to this puzzle site. But Tetrarch, our compiler, needs topping up with tea, honey and other liquids from time to time and he needs lots of fish to keep his brain sharp.  Otherwise, his cross words might begin to lose their edge and frequency. So we do carry some advertising to keep him happy, cover the charges made by our Internet Service Provider and generally to keep our puzzle site online.  We hope they will not distract you too much from enjoying the xwords you find here.

So there you are.  Our site provides continuous fun with no unwelcome little surprises. Our teasers can be used for education and solved wherever you like. Why not tell your friends about us - this site's probably healthier than alcohol or chocolate?  Are you ready to go? Then click below!