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Crossword Heaven - site briefing

If you seek good, solid, free Crossword puzzles - the world's most widespread word games - you've just struck it rich!. This site is full of free Crossword puzzles to suit all abilities and is very easy to use. You'll find many a fascinating puzzle here. To get straight to it and cut this page, click here. But if you want to know our site philosophy and why our puzzles are the best on the Web, read on!

Quality Crosswords

We publish toughness-graded crosswords in both American and UK styles, using American and UK English. With several grades of quick crosswords and tough cryptics, each marked with a Romanesque logo, you know in advance just what you're dealing with.  These links take you to free American crosswords and free UK crosswords at all levels.

It is not straightforward in the global environment of the Web, but we avoid words which are likely to offend.  What is inoffensive in one culture might not be in another, even where both speak English, and we do not know every English insult in every country which speaks it.  So if someone emails us with a word that eluded our own trawl, we will cut it from the site.  So we stay family-friendly and safe.

Crosswordsite has the human touch. We don't download wordlists from somewhere, use computers to find synonyms for each word as clues and then automatically publish without further consideration or thought. Why not - after all, it is a cheap way to go about things? Because it is also potentially nasty. It produces weird words at random and often even odder clues, sometimes offensive, sometimes copies of other clues. The results are usually, well, rather peculiar and not very satisfying.

Crosswordsite has a simple policy. We aim to publish good, consistent, fun xwords on a quick and easy-to-use site. There should be no long waits downloading staff photographs or huge graphics, and site navigation should be simple. So our site is structured not to confuse anyone, although its contents ought to make you think a bit! Thus for good xwords, you can't do better than Crosswordsite.

We don't make any charges for access to this puzzle site. But our compiler, Tetrarch, needs topping up with honey, tea and various other liquids from time to time and he needs constant supplies of fish to keep his brain spinning at full power.  Otherwise, he might begin to lose his edge and the volume of his output might drop. So we do carry some adverts to keep him on form, pay the charges applied by our Internet Service Provider and generally to keep our site flying.  We hope they will not distract you too much from solving the x-words you will find here.

That about wraps it up.  Our x-words yield endless enjoyment with no little hidden surprises - offensive words are forbidden. They are suitable for education also, and can be taken anywhere.  Why not tell your friends about us - when you've found something good, why not share it?  All-in-all, we're the perfect xword solution! So click below, and start puzzling!