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A crosswords delight - about this site

Looking for free crossword puzzle fulfilment, with the world's most popular word games? Then don't look any further. There's many an absorbing free crossword puzzle at Crosswordsite, a site which is simple to use and crammed with puzzles to match all abilities. To go straight to it and give this page a miss, click here. Or, read on for our site philosophy and discover why our puzzles are the best on the Web!

Crosswordsite - the background

We publish toughness-graded crossword puzzles in both British and US styles, using UK and US English. There are tough cryptics and several grades of easy quick crosswords and tough cryptics, each identified by a Romanesque graphic so you know what you're going to get. That way, you do not waste time messing about with challenges that turn out to be too easy or too difficult. Click the links for free UK puzzles and free US puzzles of all grades.

All our x-words have the human touch. We know of folk who download wordlists from somewhere, use a program to find synonymous clues and then generate cross-words by computer without editing or thought. It’s cheap. And it's nasty, because it produces strange words and clues, sometimes offensive, sometimes the same as others in the same cross-word, often just peculiar. The results are usually, well, a little odd.

We avoid offensive words, but that is not always too easy in the global Web environment. What offends no-one in one country might do so somewhere else - even when English is the common language in both places. We try hard, but we don’t know all dubious words, so if someone emails us one that slipped our net, we will remove it from the site.  This way, we keep family friendly.

There are some ground rules at Crosswordsite. We aim to supply consistently good, fun xwords. The site should be simple and quick  - no long waits downloading enormous graphics or staff pictures. Navigation should be intuitive. So we have structured our site to be non-confusing. But the site content should make you think for a little. If you want good xwords, tarry awhile!

There are no charges for using this site - it's free. Our compiler (Tetrarch) does however require continuous lubrication with tea, honey and other liquids, as well as a generous supply of fish to keep his brain up to the mark. Without them, his puzzle work might fall below our exacting standards. So we do carry some advertising to keep Tetrarch supplied, give our Internet Service Provider his pound of flesh and generally keep the site on the road. We hope the ads will not distract too much from your puzzling fun.

So that's the story.  Our crosswords provide hours of fun with no unpleasant little shocks. They also suit education well and are solvable anywhere. What about telling friends about us? It's a shame to keep it to yourself. So why are you waiting? Let's click below and go!