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Crosswords cornucopia - a site summary

If you want good free Crossword puzzle fun, with the most popular word games there are, you've struck gold! You'll find many an absorbing free Crossword puzzle on this site, which is laden with crossword puzzles for all abilities and very easy to use. To get cracking right now and skip this page, click here. Alternatively, press on to discover our principles and why our site is so much fun.

Crosswordsite in a nutshell

If you are crosswords mad, or if you only indulge occasionally, this site is made for you! It’s got stacks of first-class xwords, and around 100 more are added every month. And what’s more, with Crosswordsite, you know exactly what standards to expect.

We produce crosswords graded for difficulty in both UK and American styles, in UK and US English. We have several quick grades and tough cryptics, each carrying a Romanesque logo so you know what's coming. There's one grade for fans of tough cryptics - a real head-scratcher. The rest are for normal people. Click the links here for free American puzzles and free British puzzles in all of our grades.

We try to avoid offensive words, but that is not always too simple in the international Web environment. What upsets nobody in one place might cause real trouble somewhere else - even when English is the common language in both countries. We try hard, but we don’t know every English insult, so if someone emails us one that evaded our net, we will drop it from the site.  This way, we keep as safe and family friendly as we can.

We aim to deliver consistently good, entertaining content on a regular basis. The site should be simple and quick to operate - no boring waits to download humongous graphics or pictures of the staff. Finding your way about should be easy as we have designed the site to be non-confusing. The content we have included is intended to challenge you just a little, though. So for good puzzling, stay with us.

We know of folk who download wordlists from somewhere, use a program to find synonymous clues and then publish the result without editing or thought. It’s cheap. And it's nasty, because it produces strange words and clues, sometimes offensive, sometimes duplicated, often just peculiar.  Everything on our site is carefully edited before it gets here.

This site is free - we make no charge at all for using it. Our compiler - Tetrarch - does regrettably need constantly supplying with various liquids, including honey and tea, and with a generous quantity of fish to keep his mental faculties up to scratch. Without these, his puzzle output might fail to meet our high standards. So we are carrying some ads on the site to keep our demanding compiler happy, recompense our Internet Service Provider and keep publishing our x-words. We hope you won't be too distracted by the ads.

So, our x-words give endless amusement with no hidden surprises. They are also good for education and can be tackled wherever you like. Why not tell your friends about Crosswordsite? It's healthier than alcohol or chocolates. Are you ready to solve? Then let's go - click below!