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Looking for a store of really good free crossword puzzles - the most popular word games ever? Then stop right here. This site is stocked with fascinating free crosswords, is easy to use and caters for all abilities. To get straight to it and give our blurb a miss, click here. But to find why our puzzles are worth a look, and to discover the philosophy behind them, read on!

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We supply toughness-graded teasers in US and British formats, in US and UK English. There are several levels of easy quick crossword puzzle and tough cryptic cross words, each bearing a Romanesque graphic so you know what level each one is. Click these links to check out free US x words and free UK x words of all levels.

That about wraps it up. Our x-words give endless fun without unpleasant little surprises - offensive words are prohibited. So click below, and get solving!