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A feast of crosswords

Hunting for free crossword puzzles - the most popular word games in the world? Then check out this site. You'll find endless puzzle fun - the site is easy to use and full of free crossword puzzles for all abilities. To get down to business straight away, click here. Alternatively, carry on reading to discover our philosophy and the reason why our crosswords are the best.

Our philosophy

Our difficulty-graded crosswords use US and UK English in both US and British styles. We have several easy quick and tough cryptic grades, each carrying a Romanesque label so you know how tough it is before you start. Click these links for free American and British grades.

We aim reliably to provide consistently good, fun puzzling. We avoid offensive words. And the site should be easy to use and quick, with no long waits downloading wall-to-wall graphics or staff photos. It should not distract from your concentration. We have designed this to be a high-content quick to use site. For good puzzling fun, you're right on the button.

The Web's international environment does not make it easy, but we do cut out words which are likely to offend anyone.  What causes no difficulties in one country might be offensive in another, even when both countries have English as their native tongue. And we are not familiar with every English insult wherever it is spoken.  So if somebody emails us with a word that managed to slither through our own net, we will cut it out of the site.  That way, we can stay family-friendly and safe.

This site is free to all users. But it does cost us to run, particularly as our cross-word compiler, Tetrarch, demands generous lubrication with honey, tea and other liquids most of the time. And he needs fish in large amounts to keep his brain sharp. If he doesn't get them, his cross-word output could suffer. So the site does carry adverts to keep him happy, our Internet Service Provider adequately reimbursed and our show on the road. We hope this won't cause too many distractions from your enjoyment of our site.

We think our site has the human touch. Although some people do it, we don't download enormous lists of words no-one has ever heard of from somewhere on the Web, use a program to find synonyms for each one as a clue and then publish what comes out automatically without any further consideration or thought. We don't do it because although it is a cheap approach it can also be somewhat nasty. It produces strange random words and often even stranger clues, sometimes offensive, sometimes duplicating others. The results are usually at least a little odd and not at all satisfying to solve.

Well, that's about all.  Our cross-words will give endless amusement without any nasty little surprises. They are also very good for education and can be tackled anywhere - there is nothing like one of our teasers to improve vocabulary and stretch the mind, at any age. Why not think about letting your friends know about us, too? Good things should be shared, we've always thought, and what's better than a free quality site? So why wait? Click the button below, and let's go to it!