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For free crossword puzzle satisfaction - with the world's most popular word games - you don't need to look any further. You'll find many a fascinating free crossword puzzle on this site, which is easy to use and packed with xwords to suit all abilities. Click crossword to get straight to business and skip this page. Otherwise, read on to discover our philosophy and why our crossword puzzles are the best on the Web!

All about this site

We publish toughness-graded x-words in both US and British styles, using US and UK English. There are several grades of easy quick crosswords and tough cryptics, each identified by a Romanesque graphic so you know what to expect.  Click the links for free US puzzles and free UK puzzles in all grades.

It is not easy in the international environment of the Web, but we do try to avoid words which are likely to offend anybody.  What is inoffensive in one country might not be somewhere else, even where English is spoken in both places, and we do not know every English insult in every country which uses it.  So if someone emails us with a word that slithered through our own trawl, we will remove it from the site.  So, that way, we stay family-friendly and safe.

We want reliably to deliver consistently good, fun cross-words. The site should be quick and easy to use - no long waits downloading huge graphics or staff photographs. Navigation should be simple.   The site should be free of boredom and hassle.

We think our site has the human touch. We don't download huge wordlists from somewhere on the Web, use a computer to find synonyms for each word as clues and then automatically publish what comes out without further consideration or editing. Some people do. Why shouldn't they - after all, it is a cheap way to do things? We don't do it because it can also be nasty. It produces weird random words and often even stranger clues, sometimes offensive, sometimes duplicates of others. The results are usually, well, rather odd and not particularly satisfying to solve.

We run this site as a free service. There are, however, some costs to it, not least of which is keeping Tetrarch, our puzzles compiler, fed and watered. He demands large amounts of tea, honey and various other liquids, and also requires continual supplies of fish. It keeps his brain cells in shape, he says. And, painful though it is, we also have to pay our Internet Service Provider. So to keep these "puzzle contributors" happy, and thus keep the site running, we are carrying some ads. Hopefully, these will not cause site visitors any difficulties.

So now you know.  Our crossword puzzles will provide endless fun with no unpleasant surprises. They can be solved online or printed for solution on paper. They are also suitable for education - there is nothing like one of our teasers to stretch the mind and improve vocabulary, at any age. And you can always spread the good word about us to friends. You wouldn't want them to miss out on something worthwhile, would you? So what are you waiting for? Click below, and let's go!