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Crossword Heaven!

Crossword puzzle hunting?  Are you looking for the world's best word games? Then stop right here. We've got hundreds of them - for free! Our site is easy to use and loaded with free teasers for all abilities. To get puzzling straight away, click here: Crossword. Or, you can read this page, which reveals our Crossword philosophy and why our site is worth a closer look.

Crosswordsite - the philosophy

Are you a puzzle fiend, or do you just indulge occasionally? Either way, this site is for you! It’s got oodles of great puzzles, and about 100 more are added per month. And at Crosswordsite, you know precisely what you’ll get.

We publish crossword puzzles graded for difficulty in both American and British styles, in American and British English. With several easy grades and tough cryptics, each tagged with a Roman-style graphic, you know what to expect. These links lead to free US cross-words and UK cross-words in every grade.

Our guiding principles are that our site should provide consistently good, fun, entertaining xwords. It should be fast and simple and navigation should be straightforward. The site should be boredom-free and hassle-free.

There is no charge for using this site - it's totally free. We do have some costs, though, like keeping Tetrarch, our crosswords compiler, adequately topped up with honey, tea and numerous other liquids. He also consumes large quantities of fish which, he says, keeps his brain fit. Without these consumables, his work would suffer, even if we could keep him. We also have to pay our Internet Service Provider. So to keep our wagon rolling we do carry adverts onsite. We hope they won't cause you any difficulties.

We ensure that our site has the human touch. We don't copy huge wordlists from some corner of the Web, find synonyms for each word as clues using a computer and then automatically publish what comes out without further consideration or editing. Some folk do. Why shouldn't they - it is a cheap and quick way to do things? We don't do it because it can also be a little nasty, producing weird words at random and often even weirder clues which are sometimes offensive and sometimes just duplicates of others. The results can be, well, rather unusual and not really satisfying to solve.

It is not straightforward in the global environment of the Web, but we do avoid words which are likely to offend anybody.  What is harmless in one country might be grossly abusive somewhere else, even where the English language is spoken in both places, and we do not know every insult in every country which uses English.  So if someone notifies us of a word that slid through our own trawl, we will expunge it from the site. That way, we stay family-friendly, safe  - and up-to-date with the very best insults!

Our site provides hours of puzzling fun, and there are no unpleasant little hidden surprises. You can solve online or print and solve on paper. Our puzzles are also ideal for English language development - they are excellent mind-stretchers and vocabulary-improvers. Your friends might like to know about us, too, so why not tell them? Good things should be shared, shouldn't they? So that's it - why not click below and get solving?