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Cross-word carnival - what we offer

For ace free Crossword puzzles - the best word games in the world - this site is the place. Here you'll find many a great free Crossword and the site is very easy to use. It's full of puzzles to match all abilities. Get straight to grips with them and skip this page by clicking here.

All about our cross-words

We create difficulty-graded xwords in both British and US styles, using British and American English. Check them out clicking our free American x words and free UK puzzles.

To make them interesting and fun, cross-words need judgment. Cryptic varieties need more. We make sure they get it. Each Crossword is personally created, edited and graded by our compiler (Tetrarch), to consistently high standards.

Well, that's the end of the story. Our x-words will provide enormous fun with no unpleasant little surprises - offensive words are banned. So click below, and start puzzling!