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Easy crossword puzzles

Easy crossword puzzles are the most popular kind with most readers. The ones we produce at Crosswordsite are designed to be family-friendly and not too difficult, without being boring.

They are unlikely to satisfy those who normally tackle the more difficult variety in either the New York or London Times, although there is a demand for tougher puzzles. We produce these as well, including some that are very challenging, in various sizes. You can check out samples of our whole range by clicking here for US varieties or here for UK ones.

Clues in easy crossword puzzles are most likely to be "definition" clues. For example:

Clue: A representative of the people. Answer: Politician

But there may be other types of clue, such as the "question and answer" variety. For example:

Clue: Found between America and Europe. Answer: Atlantic

Easy crossword puzzles may also contain simple wordplay. For example:

Clue: May turn over sweet potato. Answer: Yam

There could be simple anagrams, For example:

Clue: Rage about clothing. Answer: Gear

Or there may be clues requiring some knowledge beyond what is normally needed in everyday life. For example:

Clue: Roman officer. Answer: Centurion

There are many possibilities for clues in easy crossword puzzles, but the over-riding requirement is that they should be aimed at the bulk of readers. Crosswordsite does this, and offers publishers easy crossword puzzles (and others) - US and easy crossword puzzles (and others) - UK.

Easy crossword puzzles - a good choice for most publishers