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American hard cryptic crossword puzzles

(These puzzles are written for personal solution, not for publication or redistribution)

Hard cryptic crossword puzzles have been compiled by setters across the Atlantic for many years, but the American cryptic puzzle is relatively uncommon. We don't see why the Brits should have all that fun to themselves, so we're trying out some American cryptics of our own.

Please click a circle for a sample or a pack of four puzzles. The print sample and sample solution are pdf downloads, so please check your download folder. The sample solution also explains the sample clues and solutions.

Real cryptics are the ultimate challenge for crossword solvers. These hard crossword puzzles look normal, but are very different and much more engaging, just what you would expect from a leading crossword puzzle maker and creator.

The clues often look like coded messages in cheap spy stories. They are rigorously logical and contain every pointer you need to solve them. But they also contain red herrings to deceive you and put you off the scent.

Welcome to the world of the real cryptic, a world of anagrams, wordplay and linguistic skulduggery. You need no special qualifications except good general knowledge, good English and a logical mind.

But nothing is as it seems and you will soon find yourself becoming a codebreaker. Imagine the satisfaction of controlling this world and beating the puzzle builder.

We hope you enjoy our hard crossword puzzles. If you like them please tell other solvers by clicking here and if there is enough interest we will produce more puzzles.

Hard crossword puzzles - built to bend your brain!