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Printable crossword puzzles

Printable crossword puzzles, to us, are those you can publish in your newsletter, magazine or newspaper. Minutes from now, you could be increasing your publication's interest, attractiveness and stickability. Because that is what publishing our printable crossword puzzles in it will do.

Many readers buy publications just for the cruciverbal fun. They often spend more time on that page than anywhere else. Imagine being able to control what impacts your readers, by putting a key message or ad there. Where they will see it for longer.

Crosswordsite offers you a quick and easy supply:

  1. Single printable crossword puzzles or discounted packs of 12, 26 or 52
  2. Variety of sizes from 7x7 squares to 15x15
  3. Easier, tougher and cryptic
  4. Guaranteed family-friendly
  5. File formats to suit your publishing needs: (EPS, pdf, wmf, rtf, jpeg, tiff, bmp, txt)
  6. Immediate download from this website and/or the email we send you
  7. Paid invoice emailed to you immediately

For non-exclusive printable crossword puzzles:

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UK from £1.70*

US from £2.50*

We also offer printable crossword puzzles exclusive to you:

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UK from £5.10*

US from £7.50*

Thank you for reading this far!

*7x7 mini-puzzle 52-pack price per puzzle