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Puzzles for websites - procedure and file details

To add crossword puzzles to your website, first click here to license and download the 304kb CrosswordCompilerApp folder. Copy it into the web folder where you intend to place the crossword puzzles. Licensing and installing the CrosswordCompilerApp folder are necessary only once: you can run as many crosswords as you wish afterwards.

Then buy the puzzles you want, by clicking either UK puzzles or US puzzles. For each puzzle you buy, the download will contain a Javascript file and a small snippet of html and Javascript code. Copy the Javascript file into the same folder as the CrosswordCompilerApp folder and copy the code snippet into your web page at the place you want the puzzle to appear. Your web page containing the puzzle must be in the same folder as the CrosswordCompilerApp folder.

That's all there is to it. Note that your web page can contain anything you like as well as the puzzle, but it is a condition of your use of Crosswordsite puzzles that a maximum of two may appear on your website at any one time.

The CrosswordCompilerApp folder contains three Javascript files and a subfolder holding 16 png image files.

The CrosswordCompilerApp folder is © and the puzzles are ©