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Online crossword puzzles to print in newspapers, publish on websites or solve onscreen

Buy crosswords for newspapers, magazines or websites

US newspaper crossword puzzles to print and publishUS crosswords and samples

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“Where can I buy crossword puzzles to publish?” is a common question amongst publishers of newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites. We can answer it. Crosswordsite is a super online crossword store, a one-stop shop where you can economically and with no commitment purchase crossword puzzles to print, from easy to very hard.

We are a leading source of downloadable crossword puzzles online, offering you a quick and easy way to get printable crosswords for your website, your magazine, your newspaper, your newsletter, your periodical publications or anything else you want to print. We have been web crossword puzzle authors and publishers since 2000.

Crossword puzzles to print in your publication

If you publish a magazine or a newspaper crossword puzzles, our printable crosswords, whether easy, moderate or cryptic, are a great way to keep readers interested.

Or, do you want to print a crossword puzzle in a newsletter or publish one in a flyer to add a little extra class and “stickability”?

You could be starting to publish our crossword puzzles just a few minutes from now. It's easy. Just choose the puzzle or puzzles you want, check out and download.

So, if you want crosswords to print in newspapers or for magazines, or anything else, we can help.

Web crossword puzzle publication

When you buy our crossword puzzles for magazines, newspapers or anything else, you get files to print them and files to display them interactively on your website. You can print the puzzles, or display them on your website, or both, for the same price. To check how they will appear on your site, try before you buy: US puzzles or UK puzzles

Downloadable crossword puzzles

When you buy from Crosswordsite, you get:

• Immediate zipped puzzle file download containing web crossword files and print files in formats to suit all publishers and scalable to any size.

• Paid invoice for your online crossword purchase emailed to you immediately.

• Just one puzzle, or several, or discounted packs of 12, 26 or 52. It's your call.

• Sizes from 7x7 squares to 15x15 or by special order.

Easy crossword puzzles, more difficult crosswords or tough cryptic crossword puzzles, with answers.

Special order puzzles by a skilled crossword setter for your particular publishing requirements.

(* 7x7 mini-puzzle 52-pack non-exclusive price per puzzle)

Free online crosswords to print or solve onscreen

These free family-friendly online crossword puzzles by our in-house crossword puzzle designer are for your personal enjoyment. They are straightforward easy to medium printable crosswords, not cryptic.

For each one you can either solve the interactive crossword puzzle online or download the print version to solve on paper.

These downloadable crossword puzzles are great fun for all solvers.

American hard crossword puzzles printable for solving on paper

We have introduced some American hard crossword puzzles, printable and with answers, to offer US solvers some really tough cryptic crosswords online.

Although puzzles like this are common in the UK, examples of American cryptic crosswords are much rarer. Set by an expert crossword writer, these printable but very difficult crossword puzzles are intended to challenge the advanced puzzle solver looking online for something a little different which s/he can print and solve at leisure.

While numerous sources offer very hard crossword puzzles online, they are usually not the most challenging kind. We think that ours, which are for personal enjoyment only, will stretch you just that little bit further.

The birth of crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are Anglo-American in origin. The first known crossword compiler was Arthur Wynne, a constructor from Liverpool, England. His first published puzzle appeared in 1913 in the New York World Sunday newspaper. The first UK crossword puzzle was not published until 1922, in Pearson's Magazine.

Today, standard crossword puzzles in the US and UK are very different from each other.

In the US a crossword author is normally expected to produce puzzles with every white square crossed by two answers, whilst a crossword composer in the UK will usually set puzzles ignoring this rule.

This difference leads to large differences in the appearance of the puzzles, and often in the styles of the answers and clues as well.


Crosswordsite is one of the foremost crossword puzzle publishing companies, supplying all kinds of printable puzzles in US and UK varieties, from extremely hard and challenging interactive cryptic crossword puzzles for expert solvers to moderate and easy crosswords.