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Crossword puzzles to publish in print media and on websites

US puzzlesUS crosswords and samples

Prices from £2.50*

UK crossword puzzleUK crosswords and samples

Prices from £1.70*

Are you a publisher, of a website or almost anything in print? Any publisher could be starting to publish our crossword puzzles just a few minutes from now. Crosswords are our business. We can provide crossword puzzles for your website and anything you want to print, from flyers and freesheets to magazines and newspapers.

When publishers buy puzzles, they get the files both to print them and to display them on their website. Try before you buy: US puzzles or UK puzzles. We supply:

• Immediate zipped puzzle file download containing website files and print files in formats to suit all publishers

• Paid invoice emailed immediately

• Just one puzzle, or several, or discounted packs of 12, 26 or 52

• Sizes from 7x7 squares to 15x15 or by special order

Easy puzzles, tougher crosswords and cryptics

Special order puzzles for your special publishing requirements.

(* 7x7 mini-puzzle 52-pack non-exclusive price per puzzle)