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Publisher information - terms and conditions

By paying through the means provided on this website, you ("the customer") agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Fees and payments

Fees payable to are shown underneath or adjacent to each crossword or other puzzle or puzzle pack displayed on this website. The customer may pay by clicking the puzzle or pack and then checking out using the web-based shopping cart provided, using one of a wide range of credit, debit or charge cards.

2) Delivery and invoicing

Delivery is by download from this website once payment has been made and normally happens within a few seconds of the customer clicking the download link provided at the checkout. There is an additional download facility provided by an email sent to the customer after payment, with similar delivery speed. There is no delivery charge. An invoice is also emailed to the customer soon after payment has been made.

3) Licensing: publications, apps and websites

Unless other licensing arrangements are specifically agreed in writing between the customer and

a) in return for the fee paid by the customer for any published crossword or other puzzle on this website, except the very hard crossword puzzles for US solvers, licenses the customer to publish the puzzle and its solution in a single publication or app and as a web crossword on a single website within the period of one calendar year starting on the date of payment. The American extremely hard crossword puzzles are set for personal solving only and for them the customer is not licensed for publication of any kind.

b) there is no limit to the number of puzzles the customer may license, but the customer may not simultaneously publish more than two puzzles and two solutions in any single publication, app or website without the prior written agreement of

c) Website acceptability: without returning any fee paid by the customer, reserves the right to block access to its online puzzles from unacceptable websites. Unacceptable websites include but are not limited to those which:

- promote, aid, abet or incite criminal activity, or
- are pornographic, or
- promote, aid, abet or incite hacking or other cybersecurity breaches, or
- are in's sole judgment a risk to's reputation, or
- by being associated with may damage's search engine rankings.

It is not in's interest to exercise this right arbitrarily or without applying due diligence.

4) Exclusivity

The puzzles and solutions which the customer is licensed to publish are not exclusive to the customer unless has agreed with the customer in writing that they are.

5) Cancellation and refunds's agreement with the customer that the customer may publish puzzles under these Terms and Conditions is a contract for digital content under the Consumer Contracts Regulations. The contract starts immediately on commencement of the download the customer has paid for. The usual cancellation period of 14 days specified in the Regulations does not apply, and the customer’s rights to cancel and/or claim a refund of amounts paid end once download has started. However, will refund fees paid for downloaded puzzles which the customer can show to be defective.

6) Acknowledgements and restrictions

The customer agrees not to edit, reverse engineer, re-write, re-compile, re-build or change in any way either the puzzles or the solutions, and not to authorise others to do so.

7) Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted and applied under the laws of England.

This website is owned and operated by Ltd., a crossword puzzle maker and publisher and a leading puzzle publishing company, registered in England, no. 04048093. Registered office: 7 Old Farm, Yeovil Road, Sherborne, Dorset, United Kingdom DT9 4DG. Further contact details can be found by clicking here.