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Building easy crossword puzzles

Easy crossword puzzles are the most popular kind with most readers, as anyone who has ever published crossword puzzles will know. There is a demand for tougher puzzles, though. At Crosswordsite, a leading crossword puzzle maker and creator, our main ranges include US puzzles and UK puzzles of both types in various sizes. All are family-friendly and none are boring.

Clues in easy puzzles are most likely to be "definition" clues. For example:

Clue: House constructor. Solution: Builder

But there may be other types of clue, such as the "question and answer" variety. For example:

Clue: Dog which might be Irish or Red. Solution: Setter

Easy crossword puzzles may also contain simple wordplay. For example:

Clue: Four compass points make the headlines. Solution: News

Here, the writer has made it easy on solvers by including the word "compass".

There may be occasional clues requiring some knowledge beyond what is normally needed in everyday life. For example:

Clue: Capital of Senegal. Solution: Dakar

Or, there could be anagrams, For example:

Clue: Clip more off one who puts it all together. Solution: "Off" indicates an anagram, so rearrange "clip more" to find the solution: Compiler

There are many possibilities for clues in easy puzzles, but the over-riding requirement is that they should be aimed at the bulk of readers. Crosswordsite does this, and offers easy online crossword puzzles (and others) - US and easy online crossword puzzles (and others) - UK.

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