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All about our puzzles

There are hundreds of millions of solvers around the world.

Some will spend up to a full day on a mind workout, solving a puzzle, battling the setter.

They solve on paper, on desktops, on tablets and on phones.

They tackle easy crossword puzzles, cryptics and web crossword puzzles.

They solve at home, over lunch, on trains, in bars, in aircraft; anywhere they have time to kill. They will devour any published crossword they can find.

Do you want that time spent on one of the pages they have spent so much trouble publishing?

- so solvers see ads or key messages you've put next to the puzzle?

- so solvers get to know that you are providing their regular crossword puzzle fix?

- so instead of flicking over your expensively written page in two seconds they stay there for half an hour?

I bet!

That's where Crosswordsite, one of the leading puzzle publishing companies, comes in. We can compile puzzles for you to print and/or display on a website.

Following just a few simple steps, you could be publishing some of our crosswords just a few minutes from now.

All by a leading crossword puzzle maker and creator, they could be mini-puzzles, standard, more difficult, even cryptic.

So, what's stopping you? For samples and our extensive collection of puzzles and puzzle packs, click here for US puzzles or here for UK puzzles.