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Publish hard 9x9 Sudokus on your web site

To start solving this sample puzzle, click a blank square to highlight it. Type in the number you think should go in that square. If the number already appears in the same row or column or in the same local group of nine squares, it will not appear. Otherwise it will appear, but you may not have got it right!

You can put puzzles anywhere on your own page on your own site. They need not be central. Imagine your web page is the area inside the border below.

Your text / graphics / key article / advertisement / product etc. can go here
... and / or here
... and / or here
... and / or here. Anywhere, in fact.

* Downloads a zip file with instructions to test if your site will run online puzzles. If it will, you will see the puzzle above. Our puzzles will display on most websites but not on some e-commerce sites nor on some sites written with some website building programs. Try before you buy allows you to test this beforehand.